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 Welcome to Catering 4 Less. Our capacity for catering is diverse, We are delighted to tailor your menu buffet style and specifically design it to meet your needs. Whether your event will take place outdoors, under a tent, in a pavilion, in a banquet hall or in the privacy of your home, we will take into condsideration the location, the season, and of course, your budget to help you develop a means that meets with your satisfaction. We also have specialty menus that are all inclusive and designed for those who know exactly what they want. From an assorted cold buffet, to an Epicurean gourmet feast, we bring food and people together under almost any circumstances.




- Marinated carne asada with corn tortilla

- Marinated grilled chicken breast - corn tortilla

- Hard shell taco with chile beef

- Chile verde salsa and fresh pico de gallo

- Salad (mixed greens, cherry tomato, cucumbers, cilantro with lemon olive oil vinaigrette)

- Rice, beans, and lemonade

- Disposable table ware provided     

Baked chicken tenderlions with carrot celery garlic white wine sauce, comes with your choice of white rice or sliced baked cheese potato, and green strin beens or steamed vegetables. Biscuits & lemonade included 

- $14.99+tax per person



Baked salmon with your choice of white rice or garlic mashed potatoes, and leaked seasoned red potatoes and green beans. Biscuits & lemonade included.

- $15.99+tax per person

Steak with your choice of white rice, garlic mashed potatoes, or leaked seasoned red potatoes with green beans or steamed vegetables. Biscuits and lemonade included

 - $15.99+tax per person. 

Appetizers sell by platers. Full size platters come in 50 pieces.

Pigs in a blanket platter- $60.00

Jalapeno poppers- $60.00

Mini beef burgers - $75.00

Mini sandwiches rolls- $75.00  

Chips and fresh made salsa or spinach dip- $40.00

Pineapple shrimp skewers- $75.00

Red bell pepper chicken skewers - $75.00

Mozzarella cheese ball cherry tomato basil sticks - $60.00

Lettuce cups with asian salad - $60.00

Baked turkey cabbage rolls - $75.00

Deli meat platter/ cheese & cracker platter - $75.00





Sides sell by full size chafer that feeds 50 people.

White rice, sliced baked cheese potato, garlic mashed potato, leaked seasoned red potato, green beans, steamed vegetables, and alfredo parmesan pasta.

Main dishes sell by full size chafer that feeds 50 people.

Baked chicken tenderlions with carrot celery garlic white wine sauce, baked lemon salmon, steak, chicken breast with mushroom sauce or white sauce, beef stew with spicy jalapeno sauce, shrimp or chicken alfredo pasta, and chicken drum stick with tamarind peanut sauce.

( Taco or pasta bar available upon request for $13.00 per person ) 

Available Salads sell by large bowls that feeds 50 people.

Garden Salad: mixed greens, tomato, shreaded carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage, and choice of dressing.

Greek Salad: mixed greens, feta cheese, olives, cucumbers, green peppers, tomato, radishes, red onion, olive vinaigrette.

Asain Salad: chicken breast with mixed greens, mandarin oranges, red onions, red peppers, snow peas, toasted onions, crunchy tortilla strips, seasame seeds, sesame ginger dressing.

Mediterranean Salad: rosemary chicken with vetegables, wild arugula, toasted walnuts, red onion, gorgonzola cheese, balsamic vinaigrette.

Stolichniy Salad: chicken breast strips, potato, eggs, cucumbers, green onion, mayonnaise.

Tabouli Salad

Desserts sell by platters. Full size platters come in 50 pieces.

Fruit plater - $60.00

Chocolate mini rum ball - $60.00

Cream Puffs - $60.00

Sugar cookie fruit cups - $60.00

Vanilla ice cream topped with berry rum sauce - $1.50 per person

Brownies - $60.00

Cup Cakes - $60.00

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